How many mL of your stock solution should you mix to bring the final volume up to 1 liter?

asked by @marias54 • almost 2 years ago • Chemistry • 5 pts

You have a stock solution with a concentration of 309g/L you want to make one liter of solution with a concentration of 10 g/L

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Hey @marias54! You can use a simple formula:

C1V1 = C2V2


C1 = Initial concentration
C2 = Final concentration
V1 = Initial volume
V2 = Final volume

The strategy is to find the minimum volume of initial concentration which can be diluted to 1 L in order to get required concentration.

309 (g/L) x V1 = 10 (g/L) x 1 L
V1 = 10/309 x 1 L = 0.03236 L x 1000mL/1L = 32.36 mL

This means that you need 32.36 mL of stock solution (309 g/L) and dilute it (with pure solvent like water etc) to 1000 mL (or 1L) and the resultant dilution will be of required concentration i.e. 10 g/L.

answered by @abdullah • almost 2 years ago