how to find reduction potentials of half cells (based on my own lab data)?

"-For the Cu/Zn, Mg/Zn, and Fe/Zn cells, assume the reduction potential of the Zn2+(0.1 M)/Zn half-cell is -0.76 V. Determine the reduction potential of the other three half-cells. Do these agree with the table of standard reduction potentials? "

I have a bunch of different measurements in volts but I'm not sure which formula to use to find the reduction potential. Also, I know that reduction potential is the capacity that an ion has to be reduced or gain electrons.. but i am not sure what it means in the context of my data. here is the data i am referring to

  • the second column is the voltage but I don't remember what I set the multimeter to. I know it was less than 2000 mV. Does that matter? Thanks! Galina commented over 1 year ago