The radius of a zirconium atom is 155. Pm. How many zirconium atoms would have to be laid side by side to give a row of zirconium atoms 1.00 ft long . ? Assume that the atoms are spherical

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Hey Maria! Basically we need to divide the 1.00 ft with our unit length. In this problem our unit length is the diameter of a zirconium atom that will represent one zirconium atom. So the strategy is to find the diameter of zirconium atom first and then convert the units from Pm to ft that seems to be the tricky part of this question. But we can use some simple conversions. Like, we know that there are 12 inches in a foot and 1 inch = 2.54 cm. We can then convert cm to meter and find the desired conversion as shown below:

Diameter = 155 * 2 = 310 pm enter image description here

Now, If we divide 1 ft with 1.0171 x 10-9 we get the following number of atoms:

enter image description here

answered by @abdullah • over 1 year ago