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A solution is made by mixing 45.0 mL of ethanol, C2H6O, and 55.0 mL of water. Assuming ideal behavior, what is the vapor pressure of the solution at 20 ∘C? The relevant values at 20 ∘C are included in the table. Liquid Density (g/mL) Vapor Pressure, 𝑃∘ (Torr) ethanol 0.789 .........43.9 water 0.998 ..........17.5

  • To clarify: Density is 0.789 g/ml for ethanol. The density for water is 0.998 g/ml. Vapor Pressure in torr is 43.9 torr -ethanol. 17.5 Torr-vapor pressure of water Farah commented 12 months ago