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16. A chemical company is looking to bid on a large order for aluminum oxide for a global manufacturer. You are tasked with developing and optimizing the methodology to produce aluminum oxide in large quantities. Before scaling up, you run some small-scale reactions. In one reaction, 2.00 g of aluminum reacts with 0.750 g of molecular oxygen to produce 0.350 g of aluminum oxide. What is the percent yield of the reaction? Was your test reaction good enough? You are under severe pressure to develop a reaction process that maximizes percent yield to boost profit margins. Failing to help your company land the contract will likely result in the termination of your job which just is not an option. You are looking to purchase a small home and the bank is close to approving your fixed 15 year mortgage at 5.85%. You also want to show your -year old daughter, Saly, hat you have some stability in your life when she visits on the weekends. At least your 'ex' won't be able to taunt you anymore for not having your own place. Al(s) + O2(g) → Al2O3(s)