Hi I have two questions. Please see the picture attached.

asked by @nikaa18 • 10 months ago • Organic Chemistry • 5 pts

enter image description here

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Hi Nika! I also got (1R,3R) as well. This might be a correction. Can you try and ask your professor about it? Thanks!

answered by @reyn • 10 months ago
  • I will ask him thanks. Can you also tell me if the structure on the right are the same? Thank you in advance. Nika commented 10 months ago
  • I got (1R,3R)-1-bromo-3-fluorocyclopentane Reyn commented 10 months ago
  • Reyn yes I understand that question. But there is second question on the right of the picture it says Same? I am interested in if those projections describe same molecule or not. If it is not visible I will upload the picture 1 more time. Nika commented 10 months ago

Oh got it. Yeah, it looks the same. I converted the Newman projection to a bondline structure and named it. Check this image: https://snag.gy/vgGr65.jpg

answered by @reyn • 10 months ago
  • Thank you very much. Nika commented 10 months ago