Official course description: CHEM 112 is the second semester of a comprehensive, two-semester general chemistry sequence following CHEM 110. It uses the same text as CHEM 110 and builds upon the subject matter of that course. The course covers the following topics: reaction rates and chemical kinetics, catalysis, acid-base equilibria, the pH scale, common-ion effect, acid-base titrations, factors that affect solubility, buffers, chemical thermodynamics, entropy, free energy, electrochemistry, oxidation-reduction reactions, oxidation numbers, voltaic cells, batteries, corrosion, electrolysis, chemistry of the nonmetals such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, halogens, noble gases, transition metals, modern materials, alloys and metallurgy, nuclear chemistry, radioactivity, fission and fusion. GN credit for CHEM 112 requires that CHEM 113 or CHEM 113B also be completed.