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Ch. 3 - Cells and TissuesWorksheetSee all chapters
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Ch. 1 - Introduction to Physiology
Ch. 2 - Molecules and Molecular Interactions
Ch. 3 - Cells and Tissues
Ch. 4 - Cell Metabolism: Bioenergetics, Enzymes, and Respiration
Ch. 5 - Membrane Dynamics
Ch. 6 - Cell Communication
Ch. 7 - Integumentary System
Ch. 8 - Bone and Cartilage
Ch. 9 - Skeletal System
Ch. 10 - Joints
Ch. 11 - Muscles
Ch. 12 - The Nervous System I: Neurons and Neuronal Networks
Ch. 13 - The Nervous System II: The Central Nervous System
Ch. 14 - The Autonomic Nervous System
Ch. 15 - Sensory Physiology
Ch. 16 - The Endocrine System
Ch. 17 - Cardiovascular Physiology I: The Heart
Ch. 18 - Cardiovascular Physiology II: Blood, Blood Vessels, Circulation, and Exchange
Ch. 19 - The Urinary System
Ch. 20 - Respiratory Physiology
Ch. 21 - Acid-Base Balance-- Controlling Blood pH
Ch. 22 - Introduction to the Immune System
Ch. 23 The Lymphatic System
Ch. 23 - The Digestive System
Ch. 24 - Regulation of Metabolism and Energy Balance
Ch. 25 - Human Sexual Reproduction and Development
The Plasma Membrane
Review of Physiologically-Relevant Organelles
Protein Synthesis and Gene Expression
Body Fluid Compartments
Epithelial Tissues
Classifying Epithelial Tissues
Simple Epithelial Tissues
Pseudostratified Epithelial Tissues
Stratified Epithelial Tissues
Transitional Epithelial Tissues
Exocrine Gland Classifications
Connective Tissues
Embryonic Connective Tissue
Non-Embryonic Connective Tissue
Proper Loose Connective Tissue
Proper Dense Connective Tissue
Supporting Connective Tissue
Muscle Tissue
Nervous Tissue
Development and Modification of Tissue

Concept #1: Plasma Membrane Structure

Concept #2: Membrane Surface Area

Concept #3: Membrane Proteins

Practice: The epithelial cells that line the small intestine have microvilli, which helps them to absorb macro- and micronutrients from food within the lumen of the small intestine. Microvilli accomplish this by:

Practice: Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors (mAchRs) are proteins inserted in the membranes of various body cells. On the outside of the cell these proteins bind acetylcholine. On the inside of the cell they bind to and activate a type of protein called a GTPase. For an mAchR to bind to molecules that are both outside and inside of the cell, which of the following must it be?