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Human Anatomy

Human Anatomy Martini • 9th Edition • 978-0134320762

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Ch.1 Foundations: An Introduction to Anatomy

Cells to Organ Systems

Ch.2 - Foundations: The Cell

The Plasma Membrane Review of Physiologically-Relevant Organelles Diffusion Osmosis: Osmolarity, Osmotic Pressure and Tonicity Review of Mitosis and Meiosis

Ch.3 - Foundations: Tissues and Early Embryology

Epithelial Tissues Classifying Epithelial Tissues Simple Epithelial Tissues Pseudostratified Epithelial Tissues Stratified Epithelial Tissues Transitional Epithelial Tissues Exocrine Gland Classifications Connective Tissues Embryonic Connective Tissue Non-Embryonic Connective Tissue Proper Loose Connective Tissue Proper Dense Connective Tissue Supporting Connective Tissue Muscle Tissue Nervous Tissue Development and Modification of Tissue Membranes

Ch.4 - The Integumentary System

Integumentary System Overview Epidermal Layers Epidermal Variations Dermal Layers Subcutaneous Layer Nails Hair Integumentary Glands

Ch.5 - The Skeletal System: Osseous Tissue and Skeletal Structure

Bone Classifications Anatomy of Bones Bone Marrow Bone Cells Bone Matrix Compact Bone Spongy Bone Bone Formation and Resorption Overview of Bone Formation Endochondral Ossification Bone Intramembraneous Ossification Bone Remodeling Bone Fractures and Repair

Ch.6 - The Skeletal System: Axial Division

Bone Markings Overview of the Skull Frontal Bone Parietal Bone Temporal Bone Occipital Bone Sphenoid Bone Ethmoid Bone Zygomatic Bone Lacrimal Bone Vomer Bone Inferior Nasal Concha Palatine Bone Maxilla Mandible Cranial Fossae Skull Sutures Sinuses Anterior View of Skull Posterior View of Skull Superior View of Skull Lateral View of Skull Sagittal Sectional View of Skull Inferior View of Skull Associated Skull Bones Vertebrae Types Spinal Curvatures Vertebrae Anatomy Cervical Vertebrae Thoracic Vertebrae Lumbar Vertebrae Sacrum and Coccyx Thoracic Cage

Ch.7 - The Skeletal System: Appendicular Division

Pectoral Girdle Upper Limb - Humerus Upper Limb - Radius and Ulna Wrist and Hand Bones Pelvic Girdle Lower Limb - Femur Lower Limb - Tibia and Fibula Ankle Bones Foot Arches

Ch.8 - The Skeletal System: Articulations

Joint Classifications Fibrous Joints Cartilaginous Joints Synovial Joints Levers Synovial Joints and Movement Temporomandibular Joint Shoulder Joint Elbow Joint Hip Joint Knee Joint Ankle Joint Cells to Organ Systems

Ch.9 - The Muscular System: Skeletal Muscle Tissue and Muscle Organization

Skeletal Muscle Cellular Anatomy-- Muscles to Sarcomeres Skeletal Muscle Contraction I: The Cellular Level Neural Control of Skeletal Muscle--Skeletal Muscle Reflexes Energy Requirements of Skeletal Muscle-- Fiber Types and Fatigue Organization of Skeletal Fibers Muscle Origin and Insertion Actions of Skeletal Muscles Naming of Skeletal Muscles

Ch.10 - The Muscular System: Axial Musculature

Facial Expression Muscles Eye muscles Oral Cavity and Pharynx Muscles Anterior Neck and Hyoid Muscles Movement of Head and Neck Muscles Vertebral Column Muscles Respiration Muscles Abdominal Muscles

Ch.11 - The Muscular System: Appendicular Muscular

Pectoral Girdle Muscles Glenohumeral Joint Muscles Elbow Joint Muscles Extrinsic Wrist and Hand Muscles Intrinsic Hand Muscles Pelvic Floor Muscles Hip Joint Muscles Knee Joint Muscles Extrinsic Ankle and Foot Muscles Intrinsic Foot Muscles Review of Muscle Movement

Ch.13 - The Nervous System: Neural Tissue

Nervous System Organization Neuron Structure Neuron Classification Nerves Glial Cells

Ch.14 -The Nervous System: The Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves

The Spinal Cord Spinal Nerves-- Dermatomes and Myotomes Spinal Cord Anatomy and Spinal Nerves Spinal Cord Protection Spinal Cord Gray and White Matter Overview of Reflexes Types of Reflexes Spinal Reflexes

Ch.15 - The Nervous System: Sensory and Motor Pathways of the Spinal Cord

Spinal Tracts-- Introduction to Ascending and Descending Pathways Ascending Sensory Pathways Descending Sensory Pathways Cervical Plexus Brachial Plexus Intercostal Nerves Lumbar Plexus Sacral Plexus

Ch.16 The Nervous System: The Brain and Cranial Nerves

The Brain-- Anatomy and Function Brain Development Gray and White Matter Cranial Meninges Cerebrum Hemispheres Cerebrum Lateralization Cerebrum Lobes Cerebrum Conncetions Cerebrum Functional Areas Cerebrum Nuclei Brain Ventricles Cerebrospinal Fluid Blood Brain Barrier Dicephalon Epithalmus Dicephalon Thalamus Dicephalon Hypothalamus Brainstem Midbrain Brainstem Pons Brainstem Medulla Oblongata Cerebelllum Limbic System Reticular Formation Cranial Nerves Olfactory Nerve (CN I) Optic Nerve (CN II) Oculomotor Nerve (CN III) Trochlear Nerve (CN IV) Trigeminial Nerve (CN V) Abducens Nerve (CN VI) Facial Nerve (CN VII) Vestibulocochlear Nerve (CN VIII) Glossopharyngeal Nerve (CN IX) Vagus Nerve (CN X) Accessory Nerve (CN XI) Hypoglossal Nerve (CN XII) Review of Cranial Nerves

Ch.17 - The Nervous System: Autonomic Nervous System

Autonomic Nervous System: Divisions and Structure Parasympathetic Division Sympathetic Division Sympathetic Pathways Autonomic Plexuses

Ch.18 - The Nervous System: General and Special Senses

General Principles of Sensation and Sensory Receptors The Somatic Senses Chemoreception I: Smell Chemoreception II: Taste The Ear: Hearing The Ear: Equilibrium The Eye and Vision Around the Eye Eye Structure: Tunics Eye Structure: Retina Eye Structure: Lens Eye Accessory Structures

Ch.19 - The Endocrine System

Basics of Hormone Function Hormone Classification and Mechanism of Action The Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland The Adrenal Glands The Endocrine Pancreas The Thyroid Gland The Parathyroid Gland Pituitary Gland Anatomy Thyroid Gland Anatomy Adrenal Gland Anatomy Pineal Gland Anatomy Parathyroid Gland Anatomy Thymus Anatomy

Ch.20 - The Cardiovascular System: Blood


Ch.21 - The Cardiovascular System: The Heart

Overview of the Cardiovascular System Heart Anatomy Detailed Heart Anatomy Coronary Arteries Coronary Veins The Cardiac Cycle I: Understanding the Valves The Cardiac Cycle II: Systole and Diastole The Cardiac Cycle III: Volumes in the Left Ventricle The Cardiac Cycle IV: Heart Sounds The Cardiac Cycle V: The Wiggers Diagram The Cardiac Cycle VI: The Ventricular Pressure-Volume Loop

Ch.22 - The Cardiovascular System: Vessels and Circulation

The Blood Vessels Structure of Vessels Structure of Arteries Structure of Capillaries Structure of Veins Blood Vessel Pathways Pulmonary Circulation Blood Flow In and Out of the Heart Head and Neck Circulation Thoracic and Abdominal Circulation Gastrointestional Circulation Posterior Abdominal Circulation Upper Limb Circulation Lower Limb Circulation

Ch.23 - The Lymphoid System

Lymphatic Capillaries Lymphatic Vessels Primary Lymphatic Structures Lymph Nodes Spleen Nodules MALT and Tonsils

Ch.24 - The Respiratory System

Anatomy and Organization of the Respiratory System Nasal Cavity Anatomy Pharynx Anatomy Larynx Anatomy Trachea Anatomy Bronchial Tree Anatomy Respiratory Zone Lung Anatomy

Ch.25 - The Digestive Systems

Anatomy and Function of the Digestive System From Mouth to Stomach Oral Cavity Pharynx and Esophagus Stomach Detailed Anatomy GI Wall Small Intestine Anatomy Large Intestine Anatomy Liver Anatomy Pancreas Anatomy Gallbladder Anatomy

Ch.26 - The Urinary System

Anatomy of the Urinary System Kidney Anatomy Flow Into and Out of the Kidney Urinary Tract

Ch.27 - The Reproductive System

Scrotum and Testes Anatomy Male Reproductive Ducts Male Accessory Glands Penis Anatomy Ovaries Anatomy Uterine Tube Anatomy Uterus Anatomy Vagina Anatomy External Female Genitalia Mammary Glands Anatomy

Ch.28 - The Reproductive System: Embryology and Human Development

Female Reproduction II: Oogenesis and Folliculogenesis Female Reproduction III: The Menstrual Cycle Sex Determination and Differentiation-- Boy or Girl? Making Babies I: The Sexual Response and Sexual Intercourse Making Babies II: Fertilization Making Babies III: Early Development and Implantation Making Babies IV: Labor and Delivery (Parturition) Making Babies V: Lactation-- Feeding the Baby

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