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Electric Field

Q. Two point charges having charge of -6.25 x 10 -9 C and -12.5 x 10 -9 are 25.0 cm apart. a) Calculate the magnitude of Coulomb force between them. ...

Solved • Dec 19, 2016
Biot-Savart Law with Calculus

Q. A conductor in the shape of a square loop of edge length L carries a current I as shown in the figure below. Calculate the magnitude and direction ...

Solved • Dec 15, 2016
Faraday's Law with Calculus

Q. A circular loop of wire of radius L is in a uniform magnetic field, with the plane of the loop perpendicular to the direction of the field. The mag...

Solved • Dec 15, 2016
Intro to 2D Motion

Q. A stuntman for a 007 movie scene needs to jump into the lake below while avoiding the ledge.1) If his initial velocity is horizontal, what is the t...

Solved • Dec 15, 2016