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Torque & Equilibrium

Q. Suppose that a meter stick is balanced at its center. A 0.18 kg mass is then positioned at the 8-cm mark. At what cm mark must a 0.22 kg mass be pl...

Solved • Mar 31, 2020

Torque & Equilibrium

Q. Part AAn extended object is in static equilibrium if __________.a) only the net torque acting on the object is zero.b) either the net force acting ...

Solved • Mar 18, 2020

Torque & Equilibrium

Q. A ball of radius r with a wire glued to one spot on its surface can be pulled along the floor and will slide without any tendency to roll only if t...

Solved • May 16, 2017

Torque & Equilibrium

Q. If the torques on an object add up to zero, A) the object is at rest. B) the object cannot be rotating, but might have a translational motion. C...

Solved • Mar 6, 2017