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Standing Waves

Q. A string is stretched to a length ℓ and both ends are fixed. The density of the string is µ and its tension is F. A standing wave mode of the strin...

Solved • Oct 6, 2017

Standing Waves

Q. Two guitar strings, of equal length and linear density, are tuned such that the second harmonic of the first string has the same frequency as the t...

Solved • May 18, 2017

Standing Waves

Q. A standing wave is produced with a node at one end and an antinode at the other. If the wave is produced on a string 1.5 cm in length, what is the ...

Solved • Mar 28, 2017

Standing Waves

Q. A mass m = 15 kg hangs off the end of a 150 g, 1.2 m string, as shown in the figure below.  (a) What is the fundamental harmonic frequency of the ...

Solved • Mar 23, 2017

Standing Waves

Q. A 15 cm string is stretched between two anchor points with a tension of 500 N. If the mass of the string is 170 g, what is the smallest frequency s...

Solved • Mar 22, 2017

Standing Waves

Q. Two guitar strings made of the same type of wire have the same length. String 1 has a higher pitch than string 2. Circle all of the correct stateme...

Solved • Dec 23, 2016