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Electric Flux

Q. Find the flux ΦE of the electric field E = (24î + 30ĵ + 16k̂) N/C through a 2.0 m2 portion of the xy plane (k̂ is the normal). [A] 32 N • m2 [B] ...

Solved • May 31, 2017

Electric Flux

Q. A charge of 30 C is located at the center of a cube. The electric flux through the right side of the cube is _____________. a. 5.65 x 1011 Nm2/C ...

Solved • Feb 28, 2017

Electric Flux

Q. A flat sheet of paper of area 0.50 m 2 is oriented so that the normal to the sheet is at an angle of 60° to a uniform electric field of magnitude 1...

Solved • Jan 5, 2017

Electric Flux

Q. A uniform electric field with a magnitude of 8x10 6 N/C is applied to a cube of edge length 0.1m as shown in the figure. If the direction of the E-...

Solved • Dec 20, 2016