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Q. A diffraction effect for electromagnetic waves becomes significant whena) the size of the obstacle is less than the wavelength of the EM waveb) the...

Solved • Sep 30, 2020


Q. The green line of gaseous mercury at 546 nm falls on a double-slit apparatus. If the fifth dark fringe is at 0.125° from the centerline, what is th...

Solved • May 19, 2020


Q. A point source of light illuminates an aperture 2.00 away. A 14.0 -wide bright patch of light appears on a screen 1.00 behind the aperture.How wide...

Solved • Apr 30, 2020


Q. The human eye can readily detect wavelengths from about 400 nm to 700 nm. If white light illuminates a diffraction grating having 750 lines/mm, ove...

Solved • Mar 10, 2020