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Acceleration in 2D

Q. A car traveling at 30 m/s runs out of gas while traveling up a 5 degree slope. How far will it coast before starting to roll back down?

Solved • Jun 2, 2020

Acceleration in 2D

Q. You begin sliding down a 15° ski slope. Ignoring friction and air resistance, how fast will you be moving after 10s?

Solved • Apr 24, 2020

Acceleration in 2D

Q. I did an experiment with the motion detector using the lab pro and the logger pro. I want to know: "Why does lifting one end of the track lead to c...

Solved • Apr 21, 2020

Acceleration in 2D

Q. During some motion, an object moves in the 10 m in the +y direction in 2 s, pauses for 3 s, and then moves 5 m in the +x direction in 0.5 s. What i...

Solved • Jan 6, 2017