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2D Equilibrium

Q. Block B in the figure(Figure 1) rests on a surface for which the static and kinetic coefficients of friction are 0.63 and 0.40, respectively. The r...

Solved • May 1, 2020

2D Equilibrium

Q. Two forces are acting on an object. Which of the following statements is correct?a) The object is in equilibrium if the net torque on the object is...

Solved • Apr 28, 2020

2D Equilibrium

Q. A large wrecking ball is held in place by two light steel cables.a)If the mass m of the wrecking ball is 4040 kg, what is the tension TB in the cab...

Solved • Apr 23, 2020

2D Equilibrium

Q. Two forces act on an object at rest as shown in (Figure 1)Add a third force that results in a net force of zero.Draw the vector starting at the bla...

Solved • Apr 22, 2020

2D Equilibrium

Q. A boat owner pulls her boat into the dock shown, where there are six capstans to which to tie the boat. She has three ropes. She can tie the boat f...

Solved • Apr 10, 2020

2D Equilibrium

Q. A 5.00-kg block is placed on top of a 10.0-kg block as shown in the figure. A horizontal force of 45.0 N is applied to the 10-kg block, and the 5.0...

Solved • Oct 29, 2018

2D Equilibrium

Q. In the figure below the left-hand cable has a tension T1 and makes an angle of 42° with the horizontal. The right-hand cable has a tension T3 and m...

Solved • May 24, 2017

2D Equilibrium

Q. In the figure below, a block of mass M hangs in equilibrium. The rope which is fastened to the wall is horizontal and has a tension of 38 N. The ro...

Solved • Jan 19, 2017