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Ch 33: Optical Instruments

Ch 35: Particle-Wave Duality

Ch 36: Atomic Structure

Ch 37: Nuclear Physics

Ch 38: Quantum Mechanics

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Popular Physics Practice Problems

3.90 x 105 gallons of tar (SG = 1.20) is stored in a 23.0-ft tall storage tank. 

What is the total mass of the liquid in the tank? 

What is the pressure at the bottom of the tank? 

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Suppose the vessel containing the water and the ice is full: The water level is at the vessel’s rim. What happens once the ice melts?

A. The water overflows.

B. The level of the water remains at the rim.

C. There is not enough information given, the outcome is not definite.

D. The level of the water drops below the rim.

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Consider a rectangular block of ice floating in water in an open vessel. Let  a denote the height of the ice block showing above the water surface, and b the height of the submerged part of the ice block.

Given a, b, the density  ρwater of liquid water and the density  ρice of the ice, which relationship is correct? 

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Two objects of masses 28 kg and 21 kg are hung from the ends of a stick that is 70 cm long and has marks every 10 cm, as shown.

If the mass of the stick is negligible, at which of the points indicated should a cord be attached if the stick is to remain horizontal when suspended from the cord?

1. B

2. D

3. G

4. F

5. C

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A simple harmonic oscillator consists of a mass on a horizontal spring, oscillating with an amplitude A and negligible friction. What is the distance of the mass to the equilibrium position (x = 0) at the instant when the kinetic and potential energies are equal?

i. 0

ii. A

iii. A/√ 2

iv. A/2

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