Organic Chemistry Organic Chemistry
Organic Chemistry

Organic Chemistry Smith (NguSchwemlein) • 6th Edition • 978-1260119107

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Ch. 1 - Structure and Bonding (Part 1)

Molecular Orbitals Sigma and Pi Bonds Octet Rule Bonding Preferences Formal Charges Skeletal Structure

Ch. 1 - Structure and Bonding (Part 2)

Lewis Structure Condensed Structural Formula Constitutional Isomers Resonance Structures Hybridization Molecular Geometry Electronegativity

Ch. 2 and 3 - Acids, Bases and Functional Groups

Intermolecular Forces How To Determine Solubility Functional Groups Reaction Mechanism

Ch. 4 - Alkanes

IUPAC Naming Alkyl Groups Naming Cycloalkanes Conformational Isomers Newman Projections Drawing Newman Projections Barrier To Rotation Axial vs Equatorial Cis vs Trans Conformations Equatorial Preference

Ch. 5 - Stereochemistry

Constitutional Isomers vs. Stereoisomers Chirality Test 2: Stereocenter Test R and S Configuration Enantiomers vs. Diastereomers Meso Compound What is the Relationship Between Isomers? Optical Activity

Ch. 7 - Alkyl Halides and Nucleophilic Substitution

Nucleophilic Substitution Good Leaving Groups SN2 Reaction SN1 Reaction Carbocation Stability Carbocation Intermediate Rearrangements Substitution Comparison

Ch. 8 - Alkyl Halides and Elimination Reactions

E2 Mechanism Beta Hydrogen E2 - Anti-Coplanar Requirement E2 - Cumulative Practice E1 Reaction Solvents Leaving Groups Nucleophiles and Basicity SN1 SN2 E1 E2 Chart (Big Daddy Flowchart) Cumulative Substitution/Elimination Alkene Stability Zaitsev Rule Dehydrohalogenation Double Elimination

Ch. 9 - Alcohols, Ethers, and Related Compounds

Alcohol Nomenclature Dehydration Reaction POCl3 Dehydration Leaving Group Conversions - Using HX Leaving Group Conversions - SOCl2 and PBr3 Alcohol Synthesis Williamson Ether Synthesis

Ch. 10 - Alkenes and Addition Reactions

Addition Reaction Markovnikov Hydrohalogenation Acid-Catalyzed Hydration Oxymercuration Hydroboration Halogenation Halohydrin

Ch. 11 - Alkynes and Synthesis

Double Elimination Alkyne Hydrohalogenation Alkyne Halogenation Alkyne Hydration Alkyne Hydroboration Moving Functionality Retrosynthesis