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Phenol Nomenclature

Q. Give the IUPAC name for the following compound.

Solved • Jun 18, 2018

Phenol Nomenclature

Q. The following picture shows an organic molecule: Which region (a-b-c) is a phenolic functional group? 

Solved • Jun 8, 2018

Phenol Nomenclature

Q. What is the proper name for this compound? (A) 4-bromo-3-nitrophenyl (B) p-bromo-m-nitrophenol (C) 4-bromo-3-nitrophenol (D) 1-bromo-2-nitrophenol

Solved • Nov 4, 2016

Phenol Nomenclature

Q. Draw the structure for o-chlorophenol:

Solved • Apr 5, 2016