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Q. Which of these compounds is the hemiacetal that forms when ethanol reacts with propanal?A.  B.C.D.E.

Solved • Jun 17, 2020


Q. Give the expected major organic product of each of the following reactions. 

Solved • Apr 22, 2020


Q. Which of the following is the cyclic hemiacetal formed from 4-hydroxyheptanal?a) Ib) IIc) IIId) IVe) V

Solved • Apr 13, 2020


Q. Draw the product of the following reaction between an aldehyde and an alcohol. ethanol is used. Assume a large excess of ethanol is used.  

Solved • Jul 16, 2018


Q. Which of the following structures is a hemiacetal?  

Solved • Jul 10, 2018


Q. Click the "draw structure" box to launch the drawing utility. Predict the product in the following reaction:

Solved • Jun 4, 2018


Q. What group is present in the molecule below? Circle all that apply. What reactant would be needed to create it?    A. aldehyde   B. ketone   C. h...

Solved • May 10, 2017


Q. Fill in the box with the product or products for the following reaction. Draw only the PREDOMINATE REGIOISOMER and indicate stereochemistry where a...

Solved • Feb 7, 2017


Q. Which hemiacetal is stable (i.e., won’t revert back to the carbonyl derivative)?

Solved • Apr 27, 2016


Q. Predict the product(s) in the following reaction. If more than one product is possible, then indicate the major product.

Solved • Apr 19, 2016


Q. Dissolving benzaledhyde in methyl alcohol establishes an equilibrium with what compound?

Solved • Apr 5, 2016


Q. Draw the structural formula, including  stereochemistry when necessary, of the  organic reactant(s) for the following reaction.

Solved • Mar 14, 2016


Q. Predict the product for the following reaction.   

Solved • Jan 30, 2016