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Q. Give the correct organic product for the following reaction at -78°C:

Solved • May 29, 2018


Q. Give the appropriate reagent to achieve the indicated one-step transformation.

Solved • Dec 21, 2017


Q. Draw the organic products of the following reaction. Indicate stereochemistry where appropriate. A reasonable answer may be “ No Reaction.”

Solved • Oct 16, 2017


Q. In the box, draw the principal organic product in the following synthesis.

Solved • Oct 13, 2017


Q. Which of the following reagents are suitable for reducing an acyl chloride to an aldehyde?I. LiAlH4 in etherII. NaBH4 in tert-butanolIII. LiAlH(t-C...

Solved • Aug 1, 2017


Q. Decide which reaction will fail to proceed as written. 

Solved • May 10, 2017


Q. Predict the product(s) in the following reaction. If more than one product is possible, then indicate the major product.

Solved • Apr 19, 2016


Q. Predict the product(s) formed in the following reaction.

Solved • Mar 16, 2016


Q. Draw the principal organic product in the box provided.  

Solved • Mar 1, 2016


Q. Predict the product for the following reaction. 

Solved • Jan 31, 2016