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Q. Apply curved arrows to the following annuelene and show its Kekule-like resonance

Solved • Dec 20, 2017


Q. Which of the following statements is true regarding [10]-annulene shown below? A. It is planar B. It is aromatic C. It is nonaromatic D. It is ...

Solved • Aug 7, 2017


Q. Both of the conjugated rings below are Annulenes. Using the rules you know about the Aromaticity of them, determine which one is Aromatic, and whic...

Solved • May 9, 2017


Q. Which of these structures can be classified as aromatic? (A) I, II and III (B) II and III only (C) I and III only (D) II only

Solved • May 6, 2016


Q. Draw the correct structure for the following compound. [12] annulene

Solved • Feb 1, 2016


Q. In which pair are the two structures not in resonance forms?  

Solved • Jan 31, 2016