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Problem: Be sure to answer all parts. Give the IUPAC name for the following compound.

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We’re being asked to name the given structure using IUPAC nomenclature with the correct E/Z designation.

Recall that the E/Z designation gives us the absolute stereochemistry of double bonds. It involves:

1. Determining the highest priority groups on each side of a double bond.

• Priority is determined using atomic mass

• If the same atom is present, we compare the other atoms it is bonded to

2. Designating E/Z based on their relative position:

• If they are on the same side Z (zusammen or together)

• If they are on the opposite side E (entgegen or opposite)

For this problem, we need to do the following steps:

Step 1: Determine the longest carbon chain and the parent name.

Step 2: List down the substituents present and their locants.

Step 3: Determine the E/Z designation of the double bond.

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Problem Details

Be sure to answer all parts. 

Give the IUPAC name for the following compound.

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