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Solution: Read these directions carefully. (It was worth repeating) Fo...


Read these directions carefully. (It was worth repeating) For the reaction of an alkene with water and a small amount of sulfuric acid shown below, fill in the details of the mechanism. Draw the appropriate chemical structures and use an arrow to show how pairs of electrons are moved to make and break bonds during the reaction. For this question, you must draw all molecules produced in each step (yes, these equations need to be balanced!). Finally, fill in the boxes adjacent to the arrows with the type of step involved, such as "Make a bond" or Take a proton away". MAKE SURE TO NOTICE THE QUESTIONS AT THE BOTTOM. If an intermediate or product is chiral, you only need to draw one enantiomer for this problem.

During the reaction described by the above mechanism, what happens to the pH of the solution ________________________________

Is this reaction catalytic in acid? ___________________________________________

One of the above steps involves making a bond between a nucleophile and an electrophile. Draw a circle around the electrophile.