Organic Chemistry / PROF. Specific Questions
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Solution: Identify the statements as either True or False. a. In an a...


Identify the statements as either True or False.

a. In an acid base reaction where the product predominates, ΔG° < 0.

b. Equilibrium favors the formation of the weaker acid.

c. Peptide bonds can rotate freely at room temperature.

d. Sodium borohydride (NaBH4) is an oxidizing reagent.

e. Chiral centers that are R in one enantiomer should be S for the other enantiomer.

f. All S enantiomers rotate the plane of polarized light anti-clockwise.

g. The D and L configuration of Fischer Projections are based on D and L Glyceraldehyde.

h. Transition states have partially formed bonds whereas intermediates have fully formed bonds.

i. There is no carbocation rearrangement in reactions where a bridged intermediate is formed.

j. In an acid catalyzed reaction for every mole of acid that is consumed another mole is generated in the reaction mechanism.

k. The addition of atoms or groups of atoms from the opposite faces of the carbon-carbon double bond is called syn-stereoselectivity.

l. The driving force for carbocation rearrangements is that the less stable 2° carbocation is converted into a more stable 3°carbocation.