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Solution: A typical steroid skeleton is shown along with the numbering...


A typical steroid skeleton is shown along with the numbering scheme used for this class of compounds. Specify in each case whether the designated substituent is axial or equatorial. 

(a) Substituent at C-1 cis to the methyl groups 

Video Transcript

So, here we've got a molecule with some methyl substituents and we're going to go ahead and add at these locations 1, 4, 7 11 and 12, which we've got labeled here, either cis or trans with respect to these methyl groups, right? So let's work with numbers 1 and 4 first. So, number 1 is going to be cis, so it's going to be going up like that which means that it's going to be equatorial with that position, number 4 comes up like that and that's axial, right? At that position then we have number 7, which is asking for trans, meaning down, right? So we do that and then what do we get? we get axial, at position 11 we've got to go down, so we're going to get equatorial at position 12 we want to go cis, so we're also going to get equatorial here, okay? Not so bad, right? Alright guys, let me know if any questions, if not, let's move on.