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Solution: According to the potential energy diagram, the overall react...


According to the potential energy diagram, the overall reaction is:

A. endothermic

B. exothermic

Video Transcript

Hey everyone. So, let's take a look at our question. Now, what it reads is according to the potential energy diagram, the overall reaction is what? Now, you have a 50% chance of getting this right. But we need to go over this and make sure that we understand the difference between our exothermic and endothermic. Okay, we shouldn't just be guessing, so what are the differences when we are dealing with potential energy diagram between EXO and endothermic? Well, just remember that exothermic means you're releasing energy, okay? And there's a quick rule that we can remember, right? So if our potential energy diagram looks like this, we have, let's say two of them, there's 2 different kinds, right? We can either start down here and end up here, right? this is our reactants and products and then we expect our graph to look something like this, right? Whether it be a one step or two step reaction, or we can have one where we start up high and then down low with our products, okay? And what is that going to look like? it's going to start up and end low, okay? So, here we're ending in lower energy and then the other one we're ending in higher energy, okay? So if we saw that exothermic has to do with releasing energy, do you think that means we're going to end up in a high energy state or a low energy state? low energy, right? So, exothermic deals with this graph, okay? That is our exothermic, that means that endothermic must be the other one, right? It's going to cost energy, so this is endothermic and it's talking about if our reaction costs energy. Now, remember that if we're talking about enthalpy such as the Delta H this would have a positive Delta H and the one at the bottom would have a negative Delta H, okay? So hopefully that's making sense. So, now I want you guys to tell me, looking at these two answer choices and looking at our question, do you think our answer is A or B looking at our potential energy diagram? hopefully you guys are screaming that it's A. Okay, because we're starting with a low energy and ending with a higher energy. Alright guys, so I really hope this made sense and let me know if you have any questions regarding endothermic, exothermic or our potential energy diagram.