Organic Chemistry / Major and Minor Resonance Contributors
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Solution: Write a more stable contributing structure for each of the f...


Write a more stable contributing structure for each of the following. Use curved arrows to show how to transform the original Lewis formula to the new one. Be sure to specify formal charges, if any.

Video Transcript

So now let's direct our attention to this molecule up here and come up with a more stable resonance structure. So, just like in last one we've got a negative charge and a positive charge on two carbons, right? And here the only difference is that we've got an alkene directly between them, right? We've got a double bond, so we can do actually is just go ahead, take this, kick electrons onto here, for now this carbon has too many bonds, so we just kick this electrons over to this bond and now what we get is this, we get our CH2 over here double bonded to our CH, which is now single bonded to this CH and then we have a double bond to our CH2. So, all we really did, right? It just kind of move around our double bonds. Now, just instead of just having one double bond we've got two. Alright guys, let me know if any questions if not let's move on.