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Solution: Some of the most important organic compounds in biochemistry...


Some of the most important organic compounds in biochemistry are the α-amino acids, represented by the general formula shown.

Write structural formulas for the following α-amino acids.

 (g) Aspartic acid (R = XCH2 , where X is the functional group that characterizes carboxylic acids)  

Video Transcript

Hey everyone so in this question we're going to be drawing structure for aspartic acid, which is one of our amino acids, so it's going to follow this general formula, so if we paste in another structure of the general amino acid we can erase our R group and replace it with XCH2, so we know one's going to have CH2, aspartic acid, but now our X happens to be a functional group that we know as a carboxylic acid, so our carboxylic acid is going to look like this, it has a formula CO2H, so what we need to do is include first a carbon, it's going to be double bonded to an oxygen like that and then we have OH. Alright, so aspartic acid just remember that unlike our other amino acids the X here, happens to be a carboxylic acid, which varies from two other amino acids that you know serine and cysteine, okay? So, aspartic acid has a carboxylic acid functional group and we just drew the actual structure for that amino acid. Alright, so I hope this made sense, let me know if you have any questions.