Organic Chemistry / Drawing Correct Bondline Structures
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Solution: Some of the most important organic compounds in biochemistry...


Some of the most important organic compounds in biochemistry are the α-amino acids, represented by the general formula shown.

Write structural formulas for the following α-amino acids.

(d) Isoleucine (R = sec -butyl)  

Video Transcript

Hey everyone. So, for this problem we're going to be drawing structured for isoleucine. So, all we need to do is if we know the general structure for our amino acid, we know that they all vary just on that one R group, so what we can do is start out by, hopefully you guys got at least this far, and that we just need to refresh our memory on, what a secbutyl group looks like, so for secbutyl we say it's a CH3, this ACH where this is the attachment point, they have another CH2 and a CH3, so let's remember where the first primary we're going to be drawing is this one. So, right now we have our R group, the first thing we can draw it's a CH with a CH3 branch off of it and then what else? just a CH2 a CH3, okay? So this is what the structure throughout that iso, this is a structure for isoleucine. Now, it's going to differ from leucine because leucine is just an isobutyl group, so this remember, leucine will have an isobutyl and isoleucine will have a secbutyl group, okay? So, just be aware of the differences but what we just drew is the structure for our amino acid isoleucine, okay? So I hope that makes sense.