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Write a Lewis structure for each of the following organic molecules: 

(b) C2HBrClF3 (halothane: a non flammable inhalation anesthetic; all three fluorines are bonded to the same carbon) 


Video Transcript

So here we've got C2HBrClF3 or halothane and we're told that all of our fluorines have to be on one of our carbons, which means that we can't have a double bond, right? Because we've got a single bond between the two carbons and then three additional bonds for our fluorines, so we can't have any double bonds but it can't hurt to practice our HC, right? So we're going to go ahead and do that really quickly, so we've got 2 and plus 2 minus H all divided by 2 and remember that our hydrogen is, our H is not just hydrogen, right? It's also halogens, oxygen or nitrogen and here we just have halogens to worry about, so I'm going to label, this is X and we know they're just equal to one in our formula, okay? they just act like another hydrogen. So, in total we've got six hydrogens, we can say we've got 2 times 2 plus 2, that's going to give us a total of 6, minus 6 divided by 2, right? But we have zero. So, no PI bonds or rings, so that tells me that we've just got our two carbons in between here, we've got a bond there, we've got a hydrogen here, we've got, I'm just going to go ahead and add stereochemistry here, but you don't have to because we don't know it's isomer, right? We don't know what the arrangement is, then we've got Cl over here and then we've got all three of our fluorines on this side of the molecule, okay? So guys there is our Lewis structure, let me know if you guys have any questions, if not, let's move on.