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Solution: n-Butyl mercaptan is the common name of a foul-smelling subs...


n-Butyl mercaptan is the common name of a foul-smelling substance obtained from skunk fluid. It is a thiol of the type RX, where R is an n -butyl group and X is the functional group that characterizes a thiol. Write a structural formula for this substance. 

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, is this question we were asked N-butyl mercaptan and what we need to remember is that we're going to have a dial group and also an NBO. So, here we can say this group is going to be a thial, you remember what that looks like? it is simply SH. Now, what about N-butyl, N-butyl if you remember is it a 4 carbon chain, so let's try to draw the structural formula, so you can start out by drawing four carbon chain, we have CH3, CH2, CH2, CH2, right? And then all we need to do is add on an SH to that, so this would be our structural formula just remember what thial is characterized by its SH, which we see right here and then N-butyl is just these four carbons. Alright, so this is going to be our structural formula, hopefully that makes sense.