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Solution: Each of the following is a functional class name developed a...


Each of the following is a functional class name developed according to the 1993 and 2004 IUPAC recommendations. Alkyl group names of this type are derived by naming the longest continuous chain that includes the point of attachment, numbering in the direction so as to give the substituted carbon the lower number. The -e ending of the corresponding alkane is replaced by - yl, which is preceded by the number corresponding to the substitued carbon bracketed by hyphens. Write a structural formula for each alkyl halide.

 (b) 2,2-Dimethylpentan-3-yl bromide 

Video Transcript

Alright, so let's actually draw now a structural formula or our compound. Now, they gave us this functional IUPAC name and it is 2,2 dimethyl pentane 3yl bromide. Now, this name is a little bit modified than the name you're used to giving, but that's okay. Our question explains that it's going to be a little different but it explains to us how we actually draw our compound. So, no matter what, we need to get the laundry continuous chain, the name pent, right? And that's going to represent 5 carbons, so we have 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Now, at position 3, which is going to be in the middle, we're going to add a bromine, right? And now at position 2, we're going to add two methyl groups, so we can pick this as position 2 and add our two methyls, and let's just make them a little bit longer, right? We have methyl and methyl, we could draw it in if we want to indicate those are the substituents and now if we actually get this number, where we start numbering, at the left or the right? We're going to start numbering over here, closer to our substituents, we get to our bromine at position 3 no matter where we start numbering and if we keep going we're going to see that we have five carbons, so this is good. Now, this is actually going to be the compound that represents this name, because it's going to be 2,2-dimethyl, we have pentan which represent our five carbons and then three yl bromide for this halogen right here, okay? Our bromide group, this is going to be our structural formula for our compound I hope this made sense, let me know if you have any questions.