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Solution: Name each of the following compounds according to substituti...


Name each of the following compounds according to substitutive IUPAC nomenclature: 

(a) (CH3)2CHCH2CH2CH2Br

Video Transcript

Hey everyone, so for this question is our job to give this an IUPAC name and we're looking at the structural formula, so what I like to do is I like to convert this into a formula or structure that actually doesn't show all of our atoms. So, something that is called bond line and in bond line we're going to not show our carbons or hydrogens, so we can start up by drawing a bromine, is going to be coming off of a CH2, let's connect it to a CH2, CH2 and then here we have two methyl groups, okay? So it's going to look something like this. Now, in order to name this we need to number this, so what do you think going to get the higher priority? Well, here we can have a substituent at one but if we start over here we would get a substituent at number two, so which one wins? the one that gives our substituent our lower number, so we're going to have a one bromo and then this is going to be two, three, four and either one could be 5. So, our substituents here happen to be a bromo group and a 4-methyl and how many carbons long is this? Well, five. So that represents pentane, okay? So if some kind of pentane with the substituents being a one bromo and also a 4-methyl, okay? Now, for going in alphabetical order, which one is going to come first, it's going to be the bromo group, so you can start up are calling this a 1-bromo, we move on to 4-methyl and I move this over. So, 4-methyl and then pentane for our five carbon chain. So, just remember to always use alphabetical order and always to give your substituents the lower number but our name for our compound reads 1-bromo 4-methyl pentane. Alright, so I hope that made sense, let me know if you have any questions.