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Solution: Draw the ring flip for each of the following compounds: ...


Draw the ring flip for each of the following compounds:

Video Transcript

Alright guys. So, for this question we're going to take this chair into a ring flip or chair flip with it, just remember what we need to do is take this chair, we can give it some numbers, here's 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 and now draw a new chair with different numbers and that will make it easy for us to simply just take our group, right? And flip the position of it from axial to equatorial and equatorial to axial, so where's going to be our 1 on this new chair, it was at the top before it's going to flip to the bottom, right? Over here. So, here's our 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, okay? let's start with our first group which is our alcohol, we know that it's facing down equatorial. So, in our new atom, our new molecule, excuse me, it's going to be facing down but axial, okay? So, equatorial to axial, let's move on to 3, we know it was axial up before, right? Just a methyl group, so there's going to be, what you guys think? equatorial up, so there's our methyl group. Now, finally we need to just need to do our chlorine. So, before. Notice it's at an angle, so it's going to be equatorial and it's up. So, equatorial moves the axial and axial is just straight up and down. So, finally our last group is just going to be a chlorine, that's up here, okay? So hopefully this makes sense. Remember, just every group that was axial before we're going to turn it into equatorial and every group that was equatorial to begin with we're not going to turn it into axial, okay? Flipping our chair in the process and again, if it makes it easier for you, just start by numbering this one of our chairs, flipping it and then making sure we number that chair accordingly. Alright guys? Well, hopefully this makes sense.