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Solution: Draw the ring flip for each of the following compounds: ...


Draw the ring flip for each of the following compounds:

Video Transcript

Alright guys. So, for this question, we're just going to be performing a chair flip, so when we do a chair flip notice we also need to flip our chair in the process, so we're going to go from a chair looking like this to a chair that now looks like this and for me the easiest way to do this is to just give all these carbons numbers, so if we name, label this one 1, we know we can label this one down here 1, this one 2, this one 2, right? And so on and so on. So, one and two is all we really need to do for this one, right? But if you want you can go ahead and label the other ones. Now, for our chair flip all we need to keep in mind is that we're going to be taking all our equatorial groups, so the ones that are at angles and making them axial now. So up and down and the ones that were axial before. So, take for instance our chlorine and our methyl, we're going to turn those into groups that are now equatorial, so we're just flipping axial to equatorial, equatorial to axial and at one, we have a chlorine that's axial and it's facing up, so we should expect at carbon one they're going to have a chlorine again, and now it's going to be equatorial up, okay? So now I'm go ahead and try to do two on your own just take it atom by atom, right? Just do the alcohol first and then the methyl or the methyl and then alcohol, even though there's two different substituents there, we follow the same trend, so let's first do the alcohol group because before itwas equatorial, we know now, it's going to be axial, so this is going to be where our OH's, okay? Now, from there what's going to be our next group that we need to add? Well, it's going to be that methyl. So, for that methyl we need to make it equatorial, right? Because before it was axial. So, how are we going to do that? what we're going to do is add in our methyl just like this, okay? So, here's our, remove this one like that, here's our CH3 and we're done, right? this is our final chair flip where all of our atoms before are now flip to a different position again from axial to equatorial and equatorial to axial, so hopefully this makes sense and let me know if you have any questions