Organic Chemistry / Lewis Acid-Base Reactions
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Solution: In each reaction, identify the Lewis acid and the Lewis base...


In each reaction, identify the Lewis acid and the Lewis base:

Video Transcript

Hey guys. So, in this problem we need to go ahead and figure out which one of these compounds is a Lewis acid and which one is a Lewis base on the left side of the equation, okay? So guys it might be helpful to define what lewis acid is versus a lewis base. A lewis base is something that can donate electrons, right? And the Lewis acids can accept electrons, and a good rule of thumb is that your Lewis base is generally going to have the lone pair, okay? Or maybe a bond but you can think about it. This helped me understand this might help you. So, LB has LP. So, LB, LP Lewis base has lone pairs generally, right? So guys which one do you think, which of these you think can accept electrons, the one with a negative charge, sorry, the one with the positive charge or the neutral one? probably the one with positive charge, right? electrons are negative and actually guys it's exactly right. What happens here is that one of our lone pairs from our oxygen is going to come in and bind directly there, okay? And we don't really have any electrons to push, right? So we don't need to break the bond here, but what's really happening here, which is interesting is that we're not changing the total charge, right? remember that this is a neutron, this is positive, so we maintain our positive charge over here, because now our oxygen instead of just having two bonds has three and our carbon here goes from positive to neutral because it had three bonds, with a lone pair and ended up with four bonds, right? Which is exactly what happens here, this is exactly the same as this. Notice there are four carbons in both of these and the rest of this is just our ethanol that we started with. Alright guys. So, just notice this is our Lewis base and this is our Lewis acid. Alright guys, let's move on.