Problem: Which Nucleophile in each set is more reactive? Circle your choices. a. CH3S- or CH3O- b. (CH3)2NH or (CH3)3N c. Cl- or F- d. SCN- or OCN-

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We are asked which Nucleophile in each set is more reactive.

Relative Strength Rules:

  1. A negative charge will always be a stronger nucleophile than its neutral counterpart.
  2. The bulkier the base, the more basic and less nucleophilic it is.
  3. Basicity and nucleophilicity have opposite size trends in polar protic solvents. 

Assume that the solvent is water (Protic solvent)

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Which Nucleophile in each set is more reactive? Circle your choices. 

a. CH3S- or CH3O- 

b. (CH3)2NH or (CH3)3

c. Cl- or F

d. SCN- or OCN-

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