Problem: (CH3)3CCl          (CH3)3CBr         (CH3)3COH       A                         B                       CCompound A ____ Compound B ____ Compound C ____

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SN1 reactivity depends on the stability of the carbocation and the stability of the leaving group after it gains a lone pair. 

  • The more stable the leaving group and carbocation is the more likely is SN1 to occur. 
  • The leaving group ability increases from left to right of the period table (due to electronegativity).
  • and increases down the group (due to size) 

Compound A →  tertiary

  • Leaving group → Cl

Compound B → tertiary

  • Leaving group → Br

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(CH3)3CCl          (CH3)3CBr         (CH3)3COH

       A                         B                       C

Compound A ____ Compound B ____ Compound C ____

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