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Solution: Draw resonance structures for each of the following:...


Draw resonance structures for each of the following:

Video Transcript

Alright guys, let's take a look at our compound. Now, in order the draw it out we can just do this, this and indicate that we have a methyl group there. Now, we need to indicate where our lone pairs are, right? Because that's going to help us draw our resonance structures. So, oxygen up here has two bonds to it, so we know it likes to have a total of six valence electrons and remember oxygen when it's neutral it's going to have two bonds and two lone pairs, okay? So we drew in our lone pairs. Now, how are we going to draw a resonance structure, right? We get to indicate a resonance structure here. Well, notice that we have lone pairs right in blue next to a PI bond, that double bond, so what do you think we can do? Well, we can take this lone pair and turn it into a PI bond, we just made a bond, so let's break one guys, let's take this PI bond and turn it into a lone pair. So, just drawing those arrows. Now, let's draw the structure again. Now, I want you guys to help me figure out where our electrons move on this structure, right? Because we're just moving electrons in our resonance structures? Well, you guys know we only grab one lone pair, so this oxygen should still have one lone pair on it. Now, we have an oxygen that's missing electrons, right? It only has 1, 2, 3, 4 valence electrons, so what do you think, do you think it's going to have a positive charge or negative charge? guys it's going to have a positive charge, we just took a lone pair away from it and turn it into a PI bond, right there, right? That's where it has a positive charge. Now, we just made a new PI bond and we broke the other one. Now, where did the electrons go from the PI bond that we broke to this carbon down here? so what do you think that carbon is going to have more electrons, right? So, essentially what we're going to have here is now a negative charge and doing this in tracking a flow of electrons we can see that our resonance structure is going to look like this, we have now a double bond to our oxygen, okay guys, so hopefully this makes sense.