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Problem: Name the following monosaccharides by placing the appropriate terms.__-__- galacto ________-__-gluco _________-__-fructo_______α  β  D  L  pyranose  furanose 

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For this problem, we have to fill up the blanks for the name of each cyclic sugars

  • Recall that 5-membered cyclic sugar is furanose while 6-membered cyclic ring is pyranose
  • For the stereodescriptor (D or L), we can determine this by analyzing the hydoxymethyl group (-CH2OH)
  • If the -CH2OH is UP, this will be considered as D-sugar, if its pointing DOWN, then this is an L-sugar
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Name the following monosaccharides by placing the appropriate terms.

__-__- galacto ______

__-__-gluco _______


α  β  D  L  pyranose  furanose 

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