Problem: How many stereocenters (chiral centers) are present in this molecule?a. 4 b. 3c. 2d. 1

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We’re being asked to determine the number of chiral centers in the given molecule.

Recall that a stereocenter is an atom that creates stereoisomers after swapping groups. There are two types of stereocenter:

Chiral center: an atom with 4 different substituents

Trigonal center: a double bond capable of forming E/Z isomers

If an atom is bonded to at least 2 of the same groups, it’s not a stereocenter. Let’s draw all implied hydrogens and look at each carbon atom in the molecule:

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Problem Details

How many stereocenters (chiral centers) are present in this molecule?

a. 4 

b. 3

c. 2

d. 1

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