Nitrile Nomenclature

Concept: Concept: Nitrile Nomenclature

Video Transcript

Let's learn how to name nitriles. Nitriles are honestly the easiest functional group to name because there's nothing tricky about them. All you’re going to do is you’re going to take the name of your alkane chain and you’re going to add the suffix nitrile to the name. You're not even going to drop the e, so don’t. Don't drop the e. Just literally add the word nitrile at the end. Substituents are named using numbers. They're located using numbers. In this case, this would be five-carbon chain that has a nitrile group on it. This would be pentane nitrile. Notice that I kept the e. Don't drop it because then it’s going to look weird. Pentane nitrile, and that’s it. We’ve got a practice problem. Go ahead and see if you can name it and then I'll give you the answer.