Official course description: Covers calculus-based physics. Offers the first semester of a twosemester integrated lecture and laboratory sequence intended primarily for science students. Covers Newtonian mechanics and fluids. Emphasizes the underlying concepts and principles. Takes applications from a wide variety of fields, such as life sciences and medicine, astro- and planetary physics, and so on. Includes topics such as forces, torque and static equilibrium, one-dimensional and three-dimensional motion, Newton’s laws, dynamics friction, drag, work, energy and power, momentum and collisions, rotational dynamics, oscillations, pressure, fluids, and gravity. • Prerequisite: MATH 1241, MATH 1251, MATH 1341, MATH 1342, or MATH 2321 (the latter three may be taken concurrently); physics, biochemistry, chemistry, and mathematics majors and physics combined majors only. • Corequisite: PHYS 1162 and PHYS 1163. • NU Core: Science/technology level 1. • Equivalent: PHYS 1151 and PHYS 1171.