Official course description: Covers calculus-based physics. Offers the first semester of a twosemester integrated lecture and laboratory sequence intended primarily for engineering students. Covers Newtonian mechanics and fluids. Stresses the balance between understanding the basic concepts and solving specific problems. Includes topics such as one-dimensional and three-dimensional motion, Newton’s laws, dynamics friction, drag, work, energy and power, momentum and collisions, rotational dynamics, forces, torque and static equilibrium, pressure, fluids, and gravity. • Prerequisite: MATH 1241, MATH 1251, MATH 1340, or MATH 1341 (the latter two may be taken concurrently). • Corequisite: PHYS 1152 and PHYS 1153. • NU Core: Science/technology level 1. • Equivalent: PHYS 1161 and PHYS 1171