Official course description: Continues PHYS 1145. Covers heat, electricity, vibrations and waves, sound, geometrical optics, and nuclear physics and radioactivity. The application of physics to a variety of problems in the life and health sciences is emphasized. Electricity topics include electrostatics, capacitance, resistivity, direct-current circuits, and RC circuits. Vibrations and waves topics include simple harmonic motion and wave motion. Sound topics include wave characteristics, the ear, Doppler effect, shock waves, and ultrasound. Optics topics include reflection, mirrors, refraction, total internal reflection, fiber optics, lenses, the eye, telescopes, and microscopes. Nuclear physics and radioactivity topics include atomic nucleus, radioactivity, half-life, radioactive dating, detectors, nuclear reaction, fission, fusion, radiation damage, radiation therapy, PET, and MRI. A laboratory is included. • Prerequisite: PHYS 1145, PHYS 1149, PHYS 1151, PHYS 1161, or PHYS 1171. • Corequisite: PHYS 1148.