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Ch. 1 - Introduction to Microbiology
Ch. 2 - Disproving Spontaneous Generation
Ch. 3 - Chemical Principles of Microbiology
Ch. 4 - Water
Ch. 5 - Molecules of Microbiology
Ch. 6 - Cell Membrane & Transport
Ch. 7 - Prokaryotic Cell Structures & Functions
Ch. 8 - Eukaryotic Cell Structures & Functions
Ch. 9 - Microscopes
Ch. 10 - Dynamics of Microbial Growth
Ch. 11 - Controlling Microbial Growth
Ch. 12 - Microbial Metabolism
Ch. 13 - Photosynthesis
Ch. 15 - DNA Replication
Ch. 16 - Central Dogma & Gene Regulation
Ch. 17 - Microbial Genetics
Ch. 18 - Biotechnology
Ch. 21 - Viruses, Viroids, & Prions
Ch. 22 - Innate Immunity
Ch. 23 - Adaptive Immunity
Ch. 24 - Principles of Disease
Introduction to Photosynthesis
Leaf & Chloroplast Anatomy
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Pigments of Photosynthesis
Stages of Photosynthesis
Light Reactions of Photosynthesis
Cyclic vs. Non-Cyclic Photophosphorylation
Calvin Cycle
Prokaryotic Photosynthesis

Concept #1: Pigments of Photosynthesis

Practice: Examples of accessory pigments for photosynthesis are:

a) Chlorophyll b and carotenoids.

b) Chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b.

c) Chlorophyll a and carotenoids.

d) Carotenoids, chlorophyll b and chlorophyll a.

Concept #2: Pigments of Photosynthesis

Practice: Which of the following pigments does NOT absorb yellow/orange light (650-750nm)?

a) Chlorophyll a.

b) Carotenoids.

c) Chlorophyll b.

d)  Both a & c.

Concept #3: Pigments of Photosynthesis

Practice: The figure shows the absorption spectrum for chlorophyll a and the action spectrum for photosynthesis. Why are they different?

a) Green and yellow wavelengths of light inhibit the absorption of red and blue wavelengths.

b) Oxygen given off during photosynthesis interferes with the absorption of light.

c) Accessory pigments are absorbing light in addition to chlorophyll a which can be used in photosynthesis.

d) Aerobic bacteria take up oxygen, which changes the measurement of the rate of photosynthesis.