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Ch. 1 - Introduction to Microbiology
Ch. 2 - Disproving Spontaneous Generation
Ch. 3 - Chemical Principles of Microbiology
Ch. 4 - Water
Ch. 5 - Molecules of Microbiology
Ch. 6 - Cell Membrane & Transport
Ch. 7 - Prokaryotic Cell Structures & Functions
Ch. 8 - Eukaryotic Cell Structures & Functions
Ch. 9 - Microscopes
Ch. 10 - Dynamics of Microbial Growth
Ch. 11 - Controlling Microbial Growth
Ch. 12 - Microbial Metabolism
Ch. 13 - Photosynthesis
Ch. 15 - DNA Replication
Ch. 16 - Central Dogma & Gene Regulation
Ch. 17 - Microbial Genetics
Ch. 18 - Biotechnology
Ch. 21 - Viruses, Viroids, & Prions
Ch. 22 - Innate Immunity
Ch. 23 - Adaptive Immunity
Ch. 24 - Principles of Disease
Symbiotic Relationships
The Human Microbiome
Characteristics of Infectious Disease
Stages of Infectious Disease Progression
Koch's Postulates
Molecular Koch's Postulates
Bacterial Pathogenesis
Introduction to Pathogenic Toxins
Exotoxins Cause Damage to the Host
Endotoxin Causes Damage to the Host
Exotoxins vs. Endotoxin Review
Immune Response Damage to the Host
Introduction to Avoiding Host Defense Mechanisms
1) Hide Within Host Cells
2) Avoiding Phagocytosis
3) Surviving Inside Phagocytic Cells
4) Avoiding Complement System
5) Avoiding Antibodies
Viruses Evade the Immune Response

Concept #1: Koch's Postulates

Concept #2: The 4 Koch's Postulates

Practice: Chronic wasting disease (CWD) in deer, elk, and moose is caused by a prion. Which of Koch’s postulates would not work in regards to identifying the cause of CWD?

Practice: Koch stressed the importance of working with ______ to formulate his postulates of disease.

Practice: Koch's postulates established:

Practice: Which of the following is not one of Koch’s postulates?

Concept #3: Limitations to Koch's Postulates

Practice: Which of the following would Koch’s postulates not be able to explain?

Practice: In two of Koch's postulates (#2 and #3), a pure culture of the pathogen is required. Which of the following would not be a possible consequence of using a contaminated culture?

Practice: Why would Koch’s postulates not be able to identify that the SARS-CoV-2 virus causes the Covid-19 disease?