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Genetics An Introduction to Genetic Analysis
An Introduction to Genetic Analysis

An Introduction to Genetic Analysis Griffiths • 11th Edition • 978-1464109485

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Ch.1 The Genetics Revolution

History of Genetics Modern Genetics Fundamentals of Genetics

Ch.2 Single-Gene Inheritance

Mendel's Experiments and Laws Inheritance in Diploids and Haploids Monohybrid Cross Sex-Linked Genes Sex Chromosome Pedigrees Mitosis Meiosis

Ch.3 Independent Assortment of Alleles

Understanding Independent Assortment Probability and Genetics Chi Square Analysis Dihybrid Cross Overview of interacting Genes Pleiotropy Organelle DNA

Ch.4 Mapping Eukaryote Chromosome by Recombination

Mapping Overview Crossing Over and Recombinants Mapping Genes Trihybrid Cross Multiple Cross Overs and Interference Chi Square and Linkage

Ch.5 The Genetics of Bacteria and Their Viruses

Working with Microorganisms Bacterial Conjugation Bacterial Transformation Bacteriophage Genetics Transduction

Ch.6 Gene Interaction

Epistasis and Complementation Variations of Dominance Penetrance and Expressivity

Ch.7 Structure and Replication

DNA as the Genetic Material DNA Structure Semiconservative Replication Overview of DNA Replication Telomeres and Telomerase

Ch.8 RNA: Transcription and Processing

RNA Overview of Transcription Transcription in Prokaryotes Transcription in Eukaryotes RNA Modification and Processing RNA Interference

Ch.9 Proteins and Their Synthesis

The Genetic Code Transfer RNA Ribosomal Structure Translation Proteins

Ch.10 Gene Isolation and Manipulation

Genetic Cloning Positional Cloning Methods for Analyzing DNA

Ch.11 Regulation of Gene Expression in Bacteria and Their Viruses

Lac Operon Tryptophan Operon and Attenuation Arabinose Operon Lambda Bacteriophage and Life Cycle Regulation

Ch.12 Regulation of Gene Expression in Eukaryotes

Eukaryotic Chromosome Structure Overview of Eukaryotic Gene Regulation GAL Regulation Epigenetics, Chromatin Modifications, and Regulation Post Translational Modifications

Ch.13 The Genetic Control of Development

Studying the Genetics of Development Developmental Patterning Genes Early Developmental Steps

Ch.14 Genomes and Genomics

Overview of Genomics Sequencing the Genome Bioinformatics Comparative Genomics Genomics and Human Medicine Functional Genomics

Ch.15 The Dynamic Genome: Transposable Elements

Discovery of Transposable Elements Transposable Elements in Prokaryotes Transposable Elements in Eukaryotes Regulation of Transposable Elements

Ch.16 Mutation, Repair, and Recombination

Types of Mutations Spontaneous Mutations Induced Mutations DNA Repair Recombination Overview of Cancer Cancer Mutations

Ch.17 Large-Scale Chromosomal Changes

Chromosomal Mutations: Aberrant Euploidy Chromosomal Mutations: Aneuploidy Chromosomal Rearrangements: Overview Chromosomal Rearrangements: Deletions Chromosomal Rearrangements: Duplications Chromosomal Rearrangements: Inversions Chromosomal Rearrangements: Translocations

Ch.18 Population Genetics

Hardy Weinberg Allelic Frequency Changes

Ch.19 The Inheritance of Complex Traits

Mathematical Measurements Traits and Variance Analyzing Trait Variance Heritability QTL Mapping

Ch.20 Evolution of Genes and Traits

Overview of Evolution Speciation Phylogenetic Trees