Mathematical Measurements
Traits and Variance
Analyzing Trait Variance
QTL Mapping

Concept #1: Calculating Heritability

Concept #2: Artificial Selection

Practice: A chicken breeder has a population of chickens where the average number of eggs laid per hen per month is 34. The narrow-sense heritability is 0.75. With this information is it likely that a breeder could select for an increase in eggs per hen laid each month?

Practice: The narrow-sense heritability of the number of seeds per flower is 0.9. The mean of the population is 6.0 seeds per flower. A flower breeder crosses one flower with 7 seeds to another plant with 9 seeds. What is the expected number of seeds per flower in the offspring of this cross?

Practice: Heritability calculations were calculated for a variety of different traits. Which of the following traits would respond best to selection?